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WUTC Holding Semi-Annual Pledge Drive

WUTC is a non-profit station and relies on pledge drives and donations, rather than advertisements for funding.

“The pledge drive pretty much has the same goal every time, and that’s to raise whatever our goal is set at,” says Cleveland Carlson, producer and host of WUTC. “It was set at $165,000 and we have to do that twice a year. We do it in the spring in April and again in October.”

The pledge drive is underway. All the funds from the donations are used to keep WUTC up and running.
Listeners are encouraged to donate whatever they can. Donations of $60 or more make you eligible to receive thank-you gifts for your contribution.

The WUTC staff are hopeful that they will reach their goal this year.
To find out how to donate and for any additional information you can visit

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