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2018 Lavender Graduation Ceremony Still Accepting Applications

Lavender Graduation is a ceremony that specifically includes all LGBTQ+ students and parents to come and attend their child’s graduation. Lauren Ouwerkerk, the assistant director for the Center for Women and Gender Equity, shared some words about the event.

“I participated in Lavender Graduation when I graduated. The other assistant director also participated in Lavender Graduation at her institution. Neither of us went to UTC, so we came here and saw there was a Lavender Graduation ceremony, thought that was something we could bring here.”

Along with the Center for Women and Gender Equity, UTC’s LGBTQ+ organization, Spectrum, has also stepped up to help run the event. A member of Spectrum, Kat Rushford, explained their role with the ceremony.

“We’re just sponsoring it, and asking our members to either participate, or show up and support their fellow members of Spectrum and the queer community.”

The official ceremony is March 28, but they are still accepting applications until March 19.

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