How Your Local Hair Salon Survived Covid-19

By Jessica Wallis

CHATTANOOGA, TN ( Just as COVID-19 has spread from person to person, the effects of this pandemic have also spread from business to business. Local Chattanooga hair salon, Wild Honey Hair Studios, owned by Karry Dransoff, had to become resourceful in order to stay in business.

In Tennessee, salon regulations have drastically changed day-to-day operations. These new protocols recommend salons be limited to half capacity, clients and staff have to wear face masks, and all surfaces and tools must be disinfected between clients. These rules are the first of many guidelines that are allowing stylists to welcome clients back in their chairs.

While their doors were forced shut, the stylists at Wild Honey Hair Studios moved their efforts towards social media platforms to keep their clients engaged.

Dransoff also came up with a unique way to keep her clients involved while they were out of the salon. “I had the idea of creating a raffle that would allow one of my clients to win a free service of their choice,” Dransoff said. “To enter, you had to buy a $15 ticket. Clients could buy as many tickets as they wanted out of a 100. I randomly chose the winning ticket after a week. I had over 75 tickets purchased during the contest.”

Dransoff also said that gift cards proved to be an easy way to make an income without having people physically in her salon. She said that when a client buys gift cards to the salon, it’s like putting a payment towards a future service. This provides the stylist with immediate compensation which has been extremely helpful during these financially stressful times.

One thing that has proven to not be an issue, is the client’s compliance to these new rules.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good my clients have been at wearing their masks and following our new rules,” said Cameron Massey, a stylist at Wild Honey Hair Studio. “They understand the importance of wearing masks and do whatever they need to get their hair done.”

The stylists have also reported some interesting “do-it-yourself” hair ventures gone wrong. From damaged hair to wrong colors, they’ve had to fix it all. Because of the extended amount of time since most of clients had seen a hair service, Alex Dransoff, a stylist at Wild Honey Hair Studio, said that each appointment requires more work than it normally would. “I had a client come in with green hair,” said Alex Dransoff, “She had green hair and messed up bangs, it took me almost four hours and she still looked a little grinch-y.”

These extended hair services have caused major delays when it comes to getting their clients back in the salon after the shutdown.  

“I feel very fortunate to not only make it through the shut down, but to also make it through those first few weeks where my clients were honestly scared to come get their hair done,” Kerry Dransoff said. “We feel very confident that the face masks and our thorough sanitation process are making it possible to see our clients again.”

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