Monthly Archives: February 2020

How University Students Should Prepare for the Coronavirus

On Wednesday, February 26th health officials with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the United States should begin preparing for the spread of the coronavirus across country. Later in the evening, there was an announcement of the first possible case in the nation. For everyday citizens, this …

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Chinese Hospitals Built at Rapid Rate

WUHAN, CHINA(AP)- China hospital rapidly completed treating newly discovered coronavirus. The virus has caused more than 17,000 infections in China and abroad, as well as claiming 362 lives as of Monday.  The two hospitals are located in Wuhan. Construction began on January 24th with the expected opening date of February …

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Chattanooga Firefighters Rescue Woman From Safe After Three Long Hours

Firefighters disassemble safe to free woman after three long hours.

On Tuesday at 8:30 P.M., the Chattanooga Fire Department received a call from the local Tiger Mart gas station in Hixson, Tennessee on Hixson Pike –  when a woman working in the convenience store reached into a safe to deposit money but went to pull her arm out when her fingers got caught in the latch.   Head of the Chattanooga Fire Department – Lindsay …

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Smoke Ban Pushback

It is a new semester, with new classes, new friends with new ideas from UTC students on how to improve their college experience. Sixty percent of UTC student ages range from 18-21. This age bracket of student feel as though they are adults and they can make their own decisions. …

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The Resurrection of Billy Ray Cyrus

Nashville (AP) – Billy Ray Cyrus is a country music star who has always found a way to embedded himself in some of history’s biggest pop-culture moments. From his role on and off screen as the father of one the biggest pop star, Hannah Montana, to his feature on the …

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Amazon CEO Dedicates Millions to Combat Climate Change

By TAYLOR HENSLEY NEW YORK (AP) – Jeff Bezos, the CEO and Founder of Amazon has recently dedicated $10 million to fight global climate change. Bezos, the world’s richest man, contributed the large sum from his own assets. The multibillionaire announced this dedicated philanthropy from his Instagram account – @jeffbezos, …

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