International Week Recap

International Week ran throughout this week,and included a wide variety of events.

International Week started off with a tour around the world on Monday in the University Center, followed by the International Talent Show on Tuesday, which was a massive success.

Wednesday saw the public speaking event, which led to a meeting for those interested in studying abroad.

Thursday’s festivities included tea time and cookies, where students could get to know their international students more.

International Week ends today, with a soccer tournament at 2 P.M. at Chamberlain Field.

An information desk for International Day, which included passports to be used for the activities.


We were able to talk with Will Patterson on what International Week hopes to achieve.

“Our event is to group together different cultures, different talents, and represent them and our international community. They’re so large, but yet, not many [students at UTC] get to experience, so it’s a good way to have them out in the open so everyone can check it out.”

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