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Target to Pull Pride Line. Why?

Lily Carter        May 30, 2023 WASHINGTON, DC ( Targets across the country as pulling their Pride line from the shelves due to backlash from customers. You can find the original story here. Pride line tag in store The Pride line launched early this May and will be altered before Pride …

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Target faces backlash after removing Pride merchandise

By PEYTON SCHULTZ WASHINGTON ( — Target released its annual Pride collection in early May ahead of Pride month in June but removed several items from shelves due to backlash from angry customers. Target showcases its support of Pride in Hackensack, N.J.,with a rainbow tag attached to merchandise.(AP Photo/Seth Wenig) …

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As a ‘buy now, pay later’ lifestyle becomes a trend, financial tension within the United States population rises with it 

By CHASE A. DAVIS  CHATTANOOGA ( – After the Great Recession, the idea of a traditional American lifestyle changed quite dramatically.   With the incorporation of credit on a national scale, also known as the “buy now, pay later” Plan, accessible to the public via companies like PayPal and Klarna, Americans …

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The Cost of Service with a Smile

Angry customer aggressively complains to service worker while they seem stressed by the situation

CHATTANOOGA, TN–( Imagine you’re an 18-year-old working their first serving job in the restaurant industry. You approach a table by greeting them with a kind, “Hello, how are you doing today?” just to be rudely interrupted by, “I’ll have a water and there better not be any ice!” What that …

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Gas or Class

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. ( Gas or Class Many would consider soaring gas prices to be the current hottest topic across America today and it seems to have no end in sight.Gas prices hit a record low of $2.14 per gallon in 2016. The average gas price today is $4.99. In the …

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Officer In Lyoya Shooting Charged With Murder

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (–On Thursday Officer Christopher Schurr was charged with second-degree murder after fatally shooting Patrick Lyoya during a traffic stop. This shooting took place in April after Lyoya reached for the officer’s taser. The body cam footage shows the beginning of the traffic stop and the moment when …

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