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The Cost of Service with a Smile

Angry customer aggressively complains to service worker while they seem stressed by the situation

CHATTANOOGA, TN–( Imagine you’re an 18-year-old working their first serving job in the restaurant industry. You approach a table by greeting them with a kind, “Hello, how are you doing today?” just to be rudely interrupted by, “I’ll have a water and there better not be any ice!” What that …

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Gas or Class

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. ( Gas or Class Many would consider soaring gas prices to be the current hottest topic across America today and it seems to have no end in sight.Gas prices hit a record low of $2.14 per gallon in 2016. The average gas price today is $4.99. In the …

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Officer In Lyoya Shooting Charged With Murder

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (–On Thursday Officer Christopher Schurr was charged with second-degree murder after fatally shooting Patrick Lyoya during a traffic stop. This shooting took place in April after Lyoya reached for the officer’s taser. The body cam footage shows the beginning of the traffic stop and the moment when …

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The Future of Roe v. Wade

By: Izabelle Bradley CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. ( — In early May of 2022, the Supreme Court suggested striking down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. According to a draft majority opinion signed by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, “It is time to heed the constitution and return the issue of abortion to …

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Weinstein Finally Sentenced to Justice

CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( – On Thursday, an appeals court in New York held up infamous film producer Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction, serving Weinstein with a 23-year prison sentence. As women in America let out a sigh of relief, this long-time suspect finally faces the countless allegations against him. With Weinstein …

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Some Small Communities Pass on the American Rescue Plan

Photo: Monowi City Population Sign: 1

By Parker Allison CHATTANOOGA, TN ( – Small towns across the country are rejecting the Biden Administration’s latest batch of coronavirus relief funds that would help cover community improvements and assist in pandemic related dues.  Small, rural governments from Monowi, Nebraska with a population of 1, to DeWitt County, Texas, with a population …

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