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How Can We Help College Students with ADHD?

Chattanooga, TENN. ( – College students with ADHD often struggle with learning in school more so than the average student. They at times encounter issues with retaining spoken information, focusing, and productively managing their time which overall affects their motivation. ADHD can severely impact their studies but the right accommodations …

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What UTC Has Done for Diversity and Inclusion

Chattanooga, TN: The University prides itself on being the most diverse and inclusive school in Chattanooga, staying committed to the image that the university has established is a priority. Many universities and school systems have faced backlash from systematic racism. UTC has worked to ensure its members are treated fairly …

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Putting Our Youth At Risk

CHATTANOOGA, TN- With schools and universities being back in session this fall, it is putting everyone back at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In addition to this, in early November, Governor Bill Lee signed a bill entitled from having mask or vaccine mandates unless it was exempted from the law …

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Depression in College Students

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. ( – College students often struggle with depression and in many cases, they do not want to speak up about it. According to the National College Health Assessment, from the American College Health Association, (ACHA) 30% of college students have come forward saying they feel so depressed at …

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Welcome Home of Chattanooga, Where Everyone Is Welcome

CHATTANOOGA TENN ( – “It was a call to the human experience of dying,” said Founder and Executive Director of Welcome Home of Chattanooga Sherry Campbell. “Welcome Home opened to that very human need of being loved and cared for, especially at the end of life.” Welcome Home of Chattanooga …

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