The Hope House

Students who would like free food have an option in the form of The Hope House.

Located at 808 Vine Street and is both owned and operated by the Presbyterian USA Church, it serves a hot meal every Tuesday and Sunday, and has sandwich making materials for the rest of the week.

Even if students are not interested in the food, The Hope House offers other very useful services. We interviewed Reverend Trisha Dillon Thomas about everything else The Hope House does for UTC students:

“People walk in and… they don’t have to knock or anything, they come in and make themselves at home. It doesn’t matter who you are… our ministry is that we welcome you, regardless of anything.”

We also were able to talk with student worker Kayla Massey about The Hope House as well.

“All of our amenities are free to students. Our coffee shop is donation-based, our food ministries are donation-based… but the truth is, students don’t have a lot to give, cause we’re students, and that’s why this ministry is in place.”

You can find more information about The Hope House by going to


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