Featured: ChattaVegan, Spreading the Word On Veganism

If you are looking for a place to eat vegan, ChattaVegan has you covered.

ChattaVegan is a local organization whose mission is to spread veganism to Chattanooga. Restaurants like Cashew, Sluggos, and even non-traditionally vegan local restaurants like Flying Squirrel are taking part.

Corey Evett, the founder of ChattaVegan, had some words to share about the impact of the organization.

“We’ve seen massive growth in the vegan movement just within the last year. Our facebook group has gone from a handful of members to hundreds and now we’re to two-thousand people… These are people coming from a variety of reasons whether that be animal welfare, ethics, environmental reasons, health reasons.”

In response to people wanting more vegan options, more local restaurants are are adding vegan options to their menus, such as like Frothy Monkey and Mojo Burrito.

ChattaVegan will be hosting a March potluck this Sunday at the Southern Squeeze, which is open to everyone. You can check out more info about upcoming events on their Facebook, or on their website.

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