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UTC Graduation Photo Sparks Controversy

A controversial photo of a UTC student has gone viral this week, sparking heated online discussion.

UTC senior, Brenna Spencer, posted this graduation photo to twitter on April 7.

It features her wearing a “Women For Trump” shirt with a handgun tucked into the waistband of her pants.

Since the posting, Spencer said she has gotten a lot of support and retaliation from online users. In an interview with Mocs News, Spencer told us that she never thought the photo would get this much attention.

“I wanted my graduation photos to be really personal and kind of reflect who I am,” says Spencer. “I clearly love the second amendment, and I’m very into conservative politics, so being passionate about those kind of inspired me to take the photos.”

Spencer said that even though the backlash has been intense, she has no regrets about posting the photo.

Next week, watch our full interview on our website to hear what else Spencer had to say about the graduation photo like no other.

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