St. Jude Up ‘Til Dawn Carnival

By: Haleigh Hedrick

Are you looking to stay up for good? If so, St. Jude Up ‘Til Dawn is the organization for you!

The St. Jude Up ‘Til Dawn organization held their national recruitment days this week.

The main event was on Wednesday night in the U.C. Game Room. The event was called “Carnival for a Cause” and there was games, food, and tons of prizes.

The event was free as long as you signed up to participate in raising money for St. Jude and set a goal to raise 600 dollars to attend their up all night event in the spring.

Grace Mckinney is the Public Relations Director on the executive board for St. Jude Up ‘Til Dawn and says their organization wants to support St. Jude since no family leaves their hospital with a bill.

The goal for this organization is to raise 5,000 dollars by March 1st. If you couldn’t make it to the event, you can sign up by going to their instagram @utcuptildawn and clicking the link in their bio.


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