Satisfactory/No Credit Grading

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Are you afraid you won’t make the grade? UTC officials announced a change in grading. Here’s what was announced.

Sent on behalf of Provost Jerold Hale and Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Vice Chancellor Yancy Freeman:

Satisfactory/No Credit Grading

Many students are concerned that disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic will adversely affect their academic standings.  To address those concerns, undergraduate students may select Satisfactory/No Credit grading for some or all of their Spring 2020 Full-Term and Part of Term 2 courses.  Graduate students wanting to choose Satisfactory/No Credit grading will have to petition their graduate programs on or before April 21, 2020 to do so.

Choosing S/NC grading does not abbreviate the Spring 2020 semester.  Even if a student chooses S/NC grading, every class continues to the end of the semester.

Faculty will report letter grades for courses normally graded that way, and those grades will be converted as follows by Records and Banner staff. Only the S or NC will appear on a student’s transcript:

·         A/B/C grades become S grades

·         D/F grades become NC grades

If a student chooses Satisfactory/No Credit Grading:

·         A student must identify which of their Spring 2020 Full-Term and Part of Term 2 classes should be converted to S/NC grading.

·         Classes not identified by a student for S/NC grading will remain in their original grade mode.

·         The choice must be made on or before April 21, 2020 at 11:59PM.

·         Choosing S/NC grading does not affect the semester schedule.  Every course continues through the end of the semester.

Important Considerations for Students

The information below will help students understand some of the implications of selecting Satisfactory/No Credit Grading.  Students are being advised to discuss the decision to choose S/NC with an academic advisor or faculty mentor.

·         S/NC grades are not used in computing a student’s grade point average.

·         Courses with an NC grade will not satisfy degree requirements or count as credit earned. Grades of D satisfy some degree requirements and count as credits earned.

·         Courses with an S grade will not satisfy some prerequisite requirements where a grade of B or higher is required and for such purposes S grades are treated like C grades.  

·         Students choosing S/NC grading may be excluded from the Spring 2020 Dean’s list. 

·         S/NC grades may negatively affect financial aid eligibility.  Students are being instructed to consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine the impact of S/NC grading on aid. 

·         Some graduate and professional schools require letter grades for specific courses as part of the admissions process.  S/NC grading may hinder a student’s admission to graduate or professional school.   

Faculty Workload and Migration to S/NC Grading

Grades should be submitted using the prescribed mode for each class.  The Records and Banner offices will convert letter grades to Satisfactory/No Credit grades in the manner prescribed above.

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Satisfactory/No Credit Grading Opt-In Request


John “Matt” Matthews

Interim Vice Provost

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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