California Fires Cause Damage to Firefighters and Land at a Rapid Pace

By: Halli Henninger

GOLETA, Ca ( The California wildfires had more than a dozen firefighters evacuated to shelters as fires overtook them and demolished the Nacimiento Station in the Los Padres National Forest. The fourteen firefighters sustained burns and smoke inhalation. 

Most of California remains under a Red Flag Warning as the conditions bring in strong, gusty winds and low humidity, increasing activity on current fires and can quickly start new fires according to the Gold Rush Cam.

Across the Golden State, weather and climate conditions have been far from normal. 

The 2020 fire season has been record-breaking, not only the total amount of acres burned, but also six of the top 20 largest wildfires in California history have occurred this year according to CAL FIRE twitter. California Fires have caused 3.1 million acres to be burned. 

Along with the wildfires California is in the midst of an unmatched 20-year drought. California fires are even more dreadful this year because of the dry winter, unhealthy forest, lightning, droughts, and climate change according to Mercury News.

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