Hamilton County Health Department starts Phase 1C of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Tennessee’s state health department will be moving into Phase 1C which will allow about 1.1 million Tennesseans to receive the vaccine. Hamilton County will be following the state’s orders and will also be expanding to Phase 1C. This phase will have restrictions on who exactly can receive the vaccine. This phase includes individuals that are 16 years or older with high-risk health conditions including those that are pregnant. Hamilton County’s Health department have implemented different strategies to help individuals receive the vaccine as easily as possible.

            Chronic renal disease, COPD, obesity, heart failure, sickle cell, dementia, stroke, liver disease, weak immune systems, technologically dependent individuals, and caregivers are all included in the qualifications to receive the vaccine during this phase. Proof of where you work, or your living situation is required in Hamilton County in order to receive the vaccine. The individual’s medical history will be examined prior. 

            You can receive the vaccine at many different locations in Tennessee. Walmart and Sam’s Clublocations will be distributing Covid-19 vaccines. Anyone who would like to receive the vaccine through Walmart will have to schedule an appointment prior through their digital schedular. Hamilton County Health department also has 3 vaccination sites. You can either call or go online to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine. It is important to provide proof of your age, employment, and residency to the sites or will not be allowed to receive your vaccine. 

When patients receive their first vaccine, they will receive a Vaccination Record Card which will include the vaccine manufacturer, the date of when the first dose of the vaccine was given, and when the second vaccination is due. It is important to keep this information safe so you can bring it for when you receive your second vaccination. Site Manager, Lisa Vincent, from Hamilton County Health Department stated, “We have been running about 1100 appointments through but today we actually have 1203 appointments.” Hamilton county has also provided transportation to their COVID-19 vaccination sites. All information on Phase 1c and upcoming phases on this vaccine is on Hamilton County’s Health Department’s official website.

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