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CHATTANOOGA, TN ( The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga offer plenty of extracurricular activities or clubs for students to engage in, as well as participate in campus life. One club that is found on campus that will help any Communication major students get their feet wet in news, is Mocs News.

On the campus of UTC, Mocs News started in the early-90s and was originally done as “broadcast news” said Mike Andrews, Advisor of Mocs News and Professor for Advanced Reporting. Later, Mocs News eventually changed it course so it would soon become linked on social media platforms and also on the website Mocs News is currently on.

Mocs News is a great way for students to approach it at any way. There happen to be so many levels to being a part of Mocs News. Any students could volunteer for Mocs News and immediately get involved.  Students can also take Mocs News for a credit course that will offer 1-9 hours. What is also very neat about being a part of Mocs News is that it will be great on your resume, and If Dr. Felicia McGhee, Department Head of Communications Department, sees involvement on student media she will automatically approve students for internships.

To this day, Professor Mike Andrews believes “Mocs News has been growing” and in the process what helps Mocs News to grow each year is getting the awareness out to students. Chauncey Figgures, a Communication Student at UTC and Anchor for Mocs News, said,” I started Mocs News my first year at UTC…I’m thankful for Professor Mike Andrews for the opportunity. That’s when I first started…I slowly got more comfortable in Mocs News.”

What also help Mocs News grow even more is that students who transfer from Chattanooga State and by a way of connection from Dr. Chris Willis and Dr. Angela McClister, Communication Professors and Advisors at Chattanooga State, students come right on in to participate and join Mocs News.

Students who joined Mocs News in the past has taken what they learned and experienced and went on to become full time workers. Many of the students who joined Mocs News worked for News Channel 3, News Channel 9, and Even News Channel 12.

If you would like to be a part of Mocs News please contact Professor Mike Andrews at or Jake Redfern, Current News Director, at for more information. Mocs News is recorded each Friday at 12p.m. and posted on YouTube. In Addition, Follow Mocs News on Instagram and Twitter and stay up to date with the latest news on Mocs News website at

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