A New Look for McKenzie Arena


A look outside of McKenzie arena being renovated during the summer.

CHATTANOOGA, TENN (mocsnews.com)— McKenzie arena construction is under way at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus for a new look and a new experience for the students at UTC. Some big changes are coming to McKenzie arena with the 34-million-dollar UTC construction work that has started outside of the arena. This is the first major renovation to McKenzie arena in 39 years with the new building of the Wolford athletic center.

With the new renovations to McKenzie arena, they plan on attaching the arena to the new building that is the Wolford Center that is on UTC campus. They will add an athletic training space for the football as well as the men’s and women basketball team for the athletes to workout in. They are also adding in two more upper floors of classrooms, labs, and offices for students to use for classes in the arena. This construction plans on to be finished in two years from the start of the construction outside the arena. These additions to the arena is to compete with other schools for them to prepare for games and to get in shape in the athletic facility in the arena for athletes to work out in.

With this new look and additions to the arena can bring excitement for new recruits for the university and for the community to make new experiences in the new look of the stadium that is to come in a few years. This new look to the arena is a good thing for the community and for the new recruits to use to build a foundation on what’s to come at UTC in the next couple of years with these new additions. One fellow alumnus says, “I’m very excited to see what UTC does with this and what kind of demographics and people that it’s going to bring in.”

What the final looks of McKenzie is suppose to look like when the renovations are done.

Excitement is the response of students and the community for the new look to the arena on UTC campus. A student that goes to UTC says, “This is a great look for UTC and the future of the university to come.” This creates a lot of opportunities for Chattanooga to bring people from different areas to come to this university to experience the new looks of the arena in the few years. Another student says, “This will be a new experience for me and other students in seeing these new additions to campus and the university.”

With the starting of the construction means the sooner that the finished look to the arena can come sooner for people to come and use for sports games and classes and offices to use.

Video of what this renovation will provide for UTC.

The future of this project can be great for this university and the community of Chattanooga with these new additions to the arena. This is a new chapter to the arena in the working of the new looks for the students, faculty, and community of Chattanooga for some new experiences to come for people.


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