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  1. Wow, I never knew these things about Chattanooga… pretty spooky!

  2. Glad that guy is finally going to prision. I hope other abusers in hollywood follow him very soon.

  3. Extraterrestrial AI could easily infiltrate human AI systems and control it’s evolution…without humans realizing what is happening. The resulting AI advancement could be exponentially rapid …humanity would be at it’s mercy or lack of !

  4. In this article, it states that students are the primary beneficiaries of an education. This is a common misconception. The reality is that society is the primary beneficiary of education, which is why we pay taxes.
    An important point that this article does not address is the fact that student evaluations are typically tied to a teacher’s pay. That is a major concern, since a teacher will use high grades to improve the probability of getting good evaluations. This leads to grade inflation which is a growing concern.

  5. “committing these lewd acts violates everything she and the Republican party stand for.” What exactly DO they stand for? Lies, election denial, felonies, minimizing a deadly riot at the nation’s Capitol? Calling the rioters “political prisoners”? MTG’s sheer idiocy? The benefits of slavery? Social wars and “anti-woke” and banning books while the economy needs so much work? Climate change denial? False electors? Windmills that case cancer from their sound? Propping up Putin and blaming Ukraine for their war? Tax cuts for the rich?