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Weinstein Finally Sentenced to Justice

CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( – On Thursday, an appeals court in New York held up infamous film producer Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction, serving Weinstein with a 23-year prison sentence. As women in America let out a sigh of relief, this long-time suspect finally faces the countless allegations against him. With Weinstein taken down by the courts, there may be a new light shed on the justice system and sexual misconduct cases.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement that prosecutors were “gratified by today’s decision, which upholds a monumental conviction that changed the way prosecutors and courts approach complex prosecutions of sexual predators.” Being convicted over two years ago in February 2020 on two different charges, one taking place in 2013 and one taking place in 2006, Weinstein is faced with punishment in 2022.

While it took some time for women to bring attention to the injustice caused by Weinstein, it is important to note how long Weinstein has had a presence in the news for these allegations.

Former District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., who oversaw Weinstein’s prosecution, stated, “I am also grateful this decision by the appellate court fully credits the powerful testimony of the brave and strong survivors of Mr. Weinstein’s abuse,” Vance said. “Today, they are one step closer to full closure of the legal process, which they deserve.”

Weinstein’s conviction came in the midst of women struggling to hold celebrity men specifically accountable for claimed misconduct.

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  1. Glad that guy is finally going to prision. I hope other abusers in hollywood follow him very soon.

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