Future of the College Football Playoffs


Chattanooga, Tenn (mocsnews.com) — The College Football Playoffs is a big part of the college football season for people to see in January at the end of the season. Next year university leaders that overlook the College Football Playoffs want to see a new format.

Mississippi State President Mark Keenum, the chairman of the CFP Board of Managers, had this to say, “I’ve sent a note out to all my colleagues, the presidents, and chancellors, to try to get us together sometime towards the end of the summer, hopefully by sometime before the end of August, just to continue the dialogue.”

This is an attempt to expand the playoffs from a four team to a 12-team playoff before the 12-year contract with ESPN expires. This attempt has been hard to agree on how many teams should play in the new format that they are trying to make by June 2023.

Even though there are talks of an expansion to 12-team playoffs they are going to stick to the four-team playoff for now till 2025 where there is no plan beyond that year. “I think we can hopefully smooth out some of the wrinkles that are there right now. And maybe go back to our respective commissioners and say, ‘Here’s what we talked about,’” Keenum said. Until then we will have to wait till June 2023 to see what the new format will be.

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