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U.S. Begins Crackdown on Haitian Migrants

CHATTANOOGA ( – The U.S. began a crackdown on Haitian migrants on its southern border Sunday morning. Over 320 migrants camping on the Texas border were flown back to Haiti on the first of a series of expulsion flights planned over the coming week. The mission is in response to …

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The Campaign That Will Go Down In French History

PARIS(AP) – On Sunday, the two French politicians take the podium to see who becomes France’s first female president. National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen and Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo were a part of the list of candidates to centrist President Emmanuel Macron. Hidalgo, mayor of the French capital since …

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9/11 and Our World Today

By Regina Baker The hijacking on Sep. 11, 2001 led to the most catastrophic event America has ever seen. The sabotage of the twin towers left America in despair. After twenty years many Americans are still facing the effects of the bombing on 9/11. The world today will never be …

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U.K. Offers Booster Shots to those over 50

U.K. Offers Booster Shots to those over 50 and those vulnerable to COVID-19 By Mal O’Connell LONDON, U.K. ( – The U.K. announced on Tuesday that booster shots will be available to those aged 50 or older, as well as those most susceptible to COVID-19, to aid the U.K. through …

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COVID-19 Causing Business Chaos

COVID-19 Causing Business Chaos  By: Mae Anderson & Tom Krisher  Downtown businesses in the U.S. are currently wishing that things could be back to normal like they used to be. Everything has changed, especially in the restaurant world and workers are not  quite sure when it will return to “normal.”   As the coronavirus keeps many …

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Pedal Taverns, Charming or Cheugy?

By Macy Wilbanks  CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( – Have you ever had an intoxicated middle aged woman yell “woo” at you from a moving bar? Welcome to one of the four major cities in Tennessee, where our cultured nightlife is plagued by the 21st century invention of the pedal tavern.   The infamous pedal tavern is a bar on top of multiple …

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Life After Pandemic Beginning to Impact Students

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ( As the COVID-19 pandemic here in the U.S. seems to get better since the administration of the first vaccine in December 2020, students around the nation are allowing more students on campuses for classes and events. The adjustment to online classes was difficult for many, but how are local students …

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Opinion: Why CRT laws are a bad thing and how they could affect UTC

Update: this is a opinion piece created by me. CHATTANOOGA ( Recently, the Tennessee General Assembly has banned the teaching of critical race theory for K-12 schools. This means that Tennessee will pull funding from any school that teaches CRT. Even though this law has not been enforced on Tennessee …

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students in UTC West Campus Housing

UTC Campus Living: Pros & Cons

CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( Going to college and moving out or your parents’ house for the first time is such a huge step in life.  Making a decision to further your academic career at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, is a step in the right direction for making your academic …

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