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Annual Chattanooga Pride Parade Resumes As Planned

You can find rainbows, flags, and more at Chattanooga’s Pride Parade.

Many people gathered at the Sculpture Fields to celebrate the annual Pride Parade.

After being set back, the parade happened this past Sunday, and the turnout was substantial. Hosted by Tennessee Pride, the parade consisted of sexualities of all kinds, and celebrated the LGBT+ Community in Chattanooga. Artist Ardyice had some words to say about why they gathered for Pride:

“It’s really important because if we didn’t have pride, we would have a lot of closeted people, because pride encourages people to be themselves and come out and have fun.”

There were many merchants and local businesses, such as TVA and The Green Tamborine. There was also a booth by Health in Free Tennessee, which helps promote sexual health and reproductive freedom. They also had an after-parade show, which showcased some local bands and a drag race. Christina McPeak, the head of the pride, had a couple of words to share with everyone:

“I think it is incredibly important; it gives our community an opportunity to join of all ages, and people who don’t normally see each other, they all get to come together, and celebrate our community.”

Despite the weather being cold, there was still a wonderful turnout. The parade had many sponsors, and was conjoined with Chattanooga City Celebration and Ciclovia Festival. After the parade, people were asked to stay for the Mural on Arts expo. You can find out more at the Tennessee Valley.

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