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Parking Changes at UTC

By Mocs News Staff

UTC Parking have announced changes for the 2018-2019 academic year. Among the changes:

  • Permits will be sold on a “first come, fist served” basis. There will no longer be a waitlist.
  • More General Parking will be available with some Reserved lots switching to General Parking.
  • Lot 11 will close because of construction at Lupton Library.
  • Lot 7 will switch over to a Visitor/Events lot.
  • Here are the details from an email sent out:

Fall 2018 Permits


Parking Services will begin online sales for all student Fall 2018 parking permits at 9am on May 14th. Permits will be sold online through the parking portal found HERE.

Pricing for the Fall 2018 student permits can be found HERE*Pending Final Approval*


All faculty and staff that are on payroll deduction can disregard this section (please read the policy changes section below).

Parking Services will begin open faculty/staff permit sales for Fall 2018 parking permits at 9am on May 14th. Permits will be sold online through the parking portal found HERE.

Pricing for the Fall 2018 faculty/staff permits can be found HERE *Pending Final Approval*


Permit and Lot Changes, Fall 2018


More General Lots

To meet demand, Parking Services will be converting several Reserved lots into General lots for Fall 2018. This, along with additional spaces gained improvements to lot 45 (Engel), will provide a significant increase to the capacity of General parking spaces for Fall 2018.

A detailed map with the designations for each lot can be found HERE


Fall/Spring General Permit

In an effort to provide more options and reduce the need for refunds, you will now have the option of purchasing a Fall/Spring General permit or an Annual General permit for the 18-19 academic year.

Student Permits “first-come-first-served”

All student permits for the 18-19 academic year will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. This applies to all Reserved and General student permits. Example: If you currently have a student reserved permit, you will need to purchase a new permit online for the 18-19 academic year starting at 9am on May 14th from the available Reserved or General permits on a first-come-first-served basis. Current student Reserved lot assignments are not automatically renewed.



Due to their ineffective nature, waitlists will no longer be an option (beginning Fall 2018). When a permit becomes available for sale, it will automatically be available for purchase through the parking portal.

Permit Refunds

Beginning Fall 2018, student parking permits will not be refunded after the second week of each semester. Refunds will be issued for any unused semester for multi-semester permits. For example, if you purchased a Fall/Spring permit and decide to return it in October, you will be refunded the unused Spring term of that permit (half of the base Fall/Spring permit price).

Lot 11 Closure

Due to the upcoming construction for the Lupton Library, lot 11 will not be available during the 18-19 academic year.

Lot 7 Closure

As part of the changes for Fall 2018, lot 7 will be converted to a Visitor/Event lot. This means that no reserved permits will be sold for lot 7.

Value Lot Permit

Due to the significant enhancements that will be made to lot 45 (Engel), there will no longer be a “value lot” permit. Lot 45 will continue to be a General lot for the 18-19 academic year.

Motorcycle Parking

Beginning Fall 2018, Parking Services will create designated motorcycle parking spaces in many lots around campus. All motorcycles will need to be parked in a designated motorcycle space with a valid motorcycle parking permit.


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