Mocs Football Preview

By: Bailey Biddle

The Chattanooga Mocs football team is coming off a major win for the program against a Samford team that was ranked number 17 in the FCS and is now 4 and 0.  The Mocs continue to feed off of Bryce Nunnelly monstrous games and still leads all the FCS in receiving with 6-5-4 yards.  Your Chattanooga mocs are now ranked number 24 in the FCS and are tied for first place in the SoCon.  The mocs look to take on ETSU in a SOCON rivalry game with a brand new trophy on the line that will be introduced as the “RAIL RIVALRY”.  The mocs should be a favorite in this game, and kickoff is set to be Saturday at 7:30 eastern and can be watched on ESPN+.

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