Image of Islanders of Great Abaco, seen here carrying belongings after Hurricane Dorian hit earlier this week (04/09/2019). UK and Royal Bahamas Defence Force personnel are assisting and delivering AID to the island of Great Abaco in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian hit earlier in the week. Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship RFA Mounts Bay has delivered essential aid to residents of Great Abaco in The Bahamas. The ship has distributed Department for International Development (DFID) relief items, including vital shelter kits. A rigid-hulled inflatable boat was deployed from RFA Mounts Bay this afternoon (04/09) with a dedicated Humanitarian and Disaster Relief team to join up with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and unload vital aid to some of those who have been worst hit by the category five storm. The ship has been in the Caribbean since June in preparation for the hurricane season and was re-tasked last week to sail to The Bahamas in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian, the strongest ever recorded in The Bahamas.

The Cause and Effects of Dorian

The Bahamas were mainly a self-employed island with 32,000 people running their own businesses which is beneficial to the owner when you have a tourist based economy. Hurricane Dorian, the Category 5 storm, wiped away homes, businesses, and approximately 1,300 people are still missing with the death toll being at 50. The Bahamas have a tourist based economy and mega cruise lines stopping by but with this catastrophy, cruise lines and tourists won’t be visitng for a long time and because of this, the Bahamas will take a long time to rebuild. 

The money one makes goes into your pocket and not that of a coorporation. The downside to this is that it makes it nearly impossible to rebuild your business when a catastrophy happens becuase it is all on you and your savings. Rebuilding their businesses was not the main concern of most of those affected by Dorian. The government has yet to say what they are going to do with the unemployment rate and supporting those who had lost their only source of income.

 The main priority of Bahamians was finding shelter. In Nassau, they had to start turning those who had traveled on a plane or boat away because the shelters were full. Nearly 5,000 people from the affected area were seeking shelter but the shelters were not equipped for that many people to come all at once. Hospitals were overrun with those in need of help or shelter and also had to turn people away. Some people in Nassau had rooms that people could rent but most refugees needed to spend their savings on food to provide and protect their families so had to seek other options. 

It is said that Dorian caused approximately seven billion dollars in damages. The clean up process is a slow one as to not move the rubble too abruptly and potentially crush a hidden body or person. Because it is a slow process that means those seeking refuge and jobs can only move their way back to their homes when the dust has settled. And by that point their savings accounts will be drained and their hope of returning to a normal life would be diminished. 

If you would like to help rebuild the affected areas in the Bahamas, read this article to see how you can donate.

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