Harvey Weinstein’s Accuser Shares Alleged Assault in Court

By Lexxie Ortner

HOLLYWOOD, CA (AP) – Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of the film production company Miramax, is seeing a faster trial than expected in New York City. Weinstein is accused of sexually abusive behavior by more than 80 women and charged with five counts of rape and sexual assault by two women.

On Monday, Mimi Haleyi took the stand to testify against Weinstein. Haleyi alleges that Weinstein raped her despite her pleas for him to stop. Haleyi was born in Finland and moved to New York City in her late 20’s. She was introduced to Weinstein at the Cannes festival in 2004 where he offered her a job working as a production assistant on “Project Runway.”

In court, Haleyi describes Weinstein’s action as an escalating series of behaviors. Haleyi says he invited himself over and asked her to massage him.

“It was humiliating,” she says.

Haleyi shares that in 2006 at her Manhattan apartment in the midst of a conversation Weinstein forced her down onto the couch. Haleyi and Weinstein moved into the bedroom where Haleyi alleges she was pushing him off.

“I was kicking, I was pushing, I was trying to get away from his grip,” stated the former “Project Runway” assistant. “He held me down and kept pushing me down to the bed. Every time I tried to get up he pushed me down.”

When she shared with Weinstein that she was menstruating, Haleyi says that he removed her feminine product and continued.

Weinstein’s lawyer Damon Cheronis pointed out the continued interactions between the two continued after the alleged rape took place. Emails between Weinstein and Haleyi were shared in court.

Haleyi also shared another sexual encounter with Weinstein that she says was unwanted but that she did not physically resist.

Model Tarale Wulff is set to testify next against Weinstein on Wednesday as the trial continues.

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