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China Builds Hospital in Record Time to Fight the Growing Coronavirus Threat.

The first patient arrived at a hospital built in only 10 days amid China’s coronavirus outbreak. As the outbreak seems to grow more dangerous by the day, the Chinese government continues its efforts to control the issue. 

Named Huoshenshan Hospital, it can hold 1,000 patients and is the first hospital built to curb the spread of coronavirus. A second hospital take is projected to hold 1,500 patients is also currently in development. 

The hospitals are located in Wuhan and crews are working non-stop to ensure they are built in a timely manner. Wuhan was the city where the outbreak first occurred in December 2019 and has been quarantined, restricting about 50 million people from leaving. Some US citizens have attempted to leave only to be quarantined once they reach the states. Other cities have also restricted transit such as trains and busses from entering Wuhan. 

 The first patient of the Huoshenshan Hospital arrived at 10 a.m. on Monday. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the People’s Liberation Army sent 1,400 doctors, nurses, and other staff to man the hospital.

Bird’s eye view of a Hospital in Wihan under construction. Crews worked tirelessly day and night to ensure it was built in record time.

Although the hospital was only built in 10 days, it has advanced equipment to deal with the patients that come in. The speedy construction was a result of sacrifices from the crew and collaboration from supporting organizations.

About half of the facilities are isolation wards made for quarantine, and there are 30 intensive care units. The hospital is equipped with specialized ventilation systems and double-sided cabinets, connecting patient rooms to the hallways, made for safely delivering supplies and food.

Close and personal view of the hospitals in Wuhan. Check out the equipment and staff these hospitals are equipped with.

Infrared scanners have also been implemented to monitor the staff and workers. The scanners can pick up on the unique fever that coronavirus has been known to cause. Doctors in the facility can also communicate with outside specialists through a video system linking them to Beijing’s PLA General Hospital. 
Other cities are also preparing in case the virus spreads. Beijing is currently renovating the Xiaotangshan Hospital that was built in 2003 to fight the SARS outbreak, but there is no word on if it will be used for patients who carry coronavirus.

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