Concerts in a Cave Close to Campus

A sold out show at the taping of Bluegrass Underground, aired on PBS.

Being in Tennessee, we have access to hundreds of music venues. In the home of country music, artists come here to show off their talents. Although options are boundless when wanting to see a concert locally, there is one venue that is different from all of the rest. 

Nestled in a cove at the base of the cumberland plateau, surrounded by flowing corn fields in an unincorporated town called Pelham, Tennessee, only an hour away from campus is a music venue that reaches new heights, or should I say “lows”. The Caverns gives you the opportunity to see your favorite artist in a cave! 

Caverns-goers first sight when they arrive on the property is a metal building home to the venue’s box office as well as their merchandise stand.

As you find yourself venturing into the mouth of the cave, you can’t help but notice the musky smell of the earth and the crisp chill that being underground brings. This does not take away from but enhances the full bar, merchandise stands, and full stage setup within the cave. The atmosphere along with the modern technology within the cave truly sets the venue up for a magical experience regardless of who the act of the night is. 

Amanda Fann is a UTC senior and avid music fan. She has visited The Caverns multiple times and says that the experiences were some of the best times of her life.

“I’m so thankful that I don’t have to drive all the way to Atlanta or Nashville to be able to see a show like this,” said Fann. “I’ve always loved Moon Taxi and last month I was able to see them underground! I never thought I would be able to experience anything like it.”

“Bluegrass Underground” which airs on PBS, is now filmed in the Caverns.

The Caverns showcases all genres of music. Not only is the venue home to PBS’s Bluegrass Underground, previous acts have included country, alternative, and even metal bands. 

“Sally” the Salamander welcomes all to the cave as the first notable sight when entering the grounds.

In the coming months, their lineup is packed with interesting shows that will be worth the trip. Allison Kraus, Josh Ritter, and the Disco Biscuits are just a few of the many unique shows that are coming up. There is a musical offering for every taste. Tickets to these shows and more along with more information on the venue are available on The Caverns website here.

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