No Online or Face-to-Face Classes Week of March 16th

UTC officials clarify campus details. Here are the latest developments.

No classes at all next week

No classes – online, hybrid, or face-to-face – will be held the week of March 16. Any assignments or due dates scheduled for the week of March 16 should be rescheduled for later in the term. All classes will resume on March 23 in an online format.

During the week of March 16, faculty members previously teaching face-to-face classes will use the time to migrate their courses to an online format.

Face-to-face instruction may resume as early as the week of March 30, but UTC officials are encouraging faculty to plan for the possibility that online instruction will be required through the end of the semester.

Laboratory, Clinical, Internship, and Other Experiential Courses

Consistent with the above, no on-campus component to an experiential course will meet the week of March 16. However, off-campus components of such experiential courses will meet during this time, at the discretion of the off-campus partner. Please encourage your students to check with their off-campus site coordinators. Starting March 23, on-campus face-to-face components of experiential courses should transition to online.

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