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The work of Essential Workers

Memphis, TN (mocs news)- Many things have canceled and shut down since the pandemic began in March, and still people are risking their health to accommodate others.

The shutdowns vary from schools, corporate offices, big-time companies, and many more. On the other hand, there are still people who work every day, whom we call essential workers.

Mick Haupt

Orlando, FL, USA
The ultrasound tech investigating my blood clots. Thank you to all health care workers, emergency responders, and essential workers helping keeping us safe…and helping us if we need it.

Essential workers risk their health daily to provide for people and sometimes the outcome is not what they expected.

Many opinions have been voiced about this pandemic whether it is people saying to continue our normal lives or whether they think we should take the proper precautions to remain safe.

For essential workers, it has been hard balancing work life with home life since many go home to a family.

The state of Tennessee decided to cater more to essential by providing free childcare in partnership with the YMCA.

YMCA essential worker from Memphis, Tennessee, Jayla Isom stated that she thinks it is a great idea how they are making this camp free of charge and it gives kids a reason to still have a great summer.

Isom is a counselor for 9 through 12-year olds and on average she has about 20 kids a day.

Although she enjoys seeing the kids happy, she says,” It is a little difficult worrying about them and trying to make sure my health and my families health is not at risk either.” She says that having kids who are not used to using mask and social distancing is a challenge, and for her as well.

Jayla Isom is one of many essential workers that are working continuously to remain as normal as possible, but she along with many others think that it should be something else implemented to protect essential workers better.

An article from the Tennessean reports how some essential workers believe that they should be better protected during this pandemic and the state should come up with something to enforce it.

Cameron Toone, an employee for Juice Plus warehouse in Memphis, TN., said, “I work this job, because I like the pay but that doesn’t mean that I will risk my health for it. There should be more rules in place that would better protect us, the employees are at work everyday making sure the company is still running smoothly.”

During this pandemic everyone’s health is the number one priority and the workers should be better protected at all costs.

He also thinks that workers should receive more compensation for their work for just in case purposes that way they would feel as if the company has done enough to ensure their safety is important.

Other workers, also speak about how they feel that they are at risks when they are working.

Another essential worker, Jadyn Ballard, who works for Varsity Spirit is also an essential worker, but she is working from home.

Ballard thinks that with the pandemic going on being at home is best, but she also wants to be in the work environment to do some of her best.

“Having to stop your regular routines only to start a new one that is more difficult, is something that I have to get used to now but I do want for them to come up with a better plan that will keep us safe, so we can return to our workplaces soon.”

As the pandemic is still continuing, there have been masks orders and social distancing orders put in place to make sure that the safety of the people comes first.

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