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Campus Ministries Seek to Help During Covid Year.

By William McElyea CHATTANOOGA ( – It’s no secret, the last 20 months have been served with more than its fair share of challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has created hurdles for people of all walks of life and students are no different. Higher education students across the country are faced …

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What Graduation Will be After the Global Pandemic

By Regina Baker Chattanooga, TENN. After the rise of COVID-19 universities changed the directions of graduation. Following CDC guidelines and regulations did not give students your normal graduation. With the pandemic slowing down and vaccines are being administered. Students and faculty within the university have seen improvement in rates of …

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U.K. Offers Booster Shots to those over 50

U.K. Offers Booster Shots to those over 50 and those vulnerable to COVID-19 By Mal O’Connell LONDON, U.K. ( – The U.K. announced on Tuesday that booster shots will be available to those aged 50 or older, as well as those most susceptible to COVID-19, to aid the U.K. through …

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Pedal Taverns, Charming or Cheugy?

By Macy Wilbanks  CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( – Have you ever had an intoxicated middle aged woman yell “woo” at you from a moving bar? Welcome to one of the four major cities in Tennessee, where our cultured nightlife is plagued by the 21st century invention of the pedal tavern.   The infamous pedal tavern is a bar on top of multiple …

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Life After Pandemic Beginning to Impact Students

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ( As the COVID-19 pandemic here in the U.S. seems to get better since the administration of the first vaccine in December 2020, students around the nation are allowing more students on campuses for classes and events. The adjustment to online classes was difficult for many, but how are local students …

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UTC Campus Living: Pros & Cons

students in UTC West Campus Housing

CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( Going to college and moving out or your parents’ house for the first time is such a huge step in life.  Making a decision to further your academic career at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, is a step in the right direction for making your academic …

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Safety and Security: Douglas Heights

CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( Douglas Heights used to be known for housing many UTC college students. The proximity to the campus made the apartment complex convenient and appealing for students wanting to live off campus. However, they would still be able to walk to classes and onto campus just by crossing …

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Chattanooga, “The Dirtiest City in America”

MARIA ILLARRAMENDI CHATTANOOGA, TN ( – Chattanooga, the place we call home. We can spend the day taking a walk in the park, enjoying Clumpies ice cream. Maybe you take your furry friends on a nearby trail or go canoeing down the river with friends. Whatever one chooses to do, …

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