Switch It Up

CHATTANOOGA, TENN (mocsnews.com) – Brianna Trivette Picture from Keith Greeno Have you ever felt stagnant in your day-to-day life? Is everything you do bring about a constant state of repetition? Well, if so, you may be suffering from lack of change. As scary as it may be to some people, …

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Fall into Money-Saving Tactics

CHATTANOOGA, TENN (mocsnews.com) – Brianna Trivette As the season changes into autumn, don’t let yourself fall short in the finical world. Instead, breeze into a new way of budgeting and leaf your old money-saving tactics behind. Trying to manage money as a college student can be challenging enough as it …

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Libya Flooding

NBCNews.com in the picture above displaces the aftermath and damage in Libya Libya, North Africa (mocsnews.com) –       The unexpected floods that arose from torrential rain that swept across the Mediterranean Sea left the country of Libya in devastation with thousands of people dead along with tremendous damage to the …

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