The monolith appears near Turkish World Heritage site

By: Allyce Robinson

ISTANBUL (AP) —The monolith, a metal block that has been traveling the world, has been discovered near the UNESCO World Heritage site, Gobekli Tepe. The monolith is made of metal and looks like the same monolith that was first discovered in Utah. Each time the monolith appears it looks the same and is made of metal, but there are little details on and around it that make it different from the one found before. The monolith that has appeared in Turkey has megalithic structures dating to the 10th millennium B.C., thousands of years before Stonehenge.

The monolith was first discovered in Utah on November 18th. Once the monolith was discovered, people began searching the web, finding satellite images dating back to 2016. Once people acquired the location of the monolith through satellite images, they began visiting the monolith in the deserts of Utah. The location of the monolith was in a very hard to reach area, which poses the question of how the monolith made it there. 

The monolith was discovered in an area known for UFO sightings. There have been many conspiracy theories since the sighting took place. Those that believe in UFOs have claimed that the monolith fell out of the sky. The government almost attempting to play around with this theory referred to the pillar as the “monolith,” which is a reference to the extraterrestrial structures in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The name stuck and now the rest of the world knows the traveling metal block as the “monolith.” 

A few weeks later the monolith disappeared from the location in Utah. The Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman Kimberly Finch stated, “We have received credible reports that the illegally installed structure referred to as the ‘monolith’ has been removed from Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands by an unknown party.” An unknown party that removed the monolith from its location could have been the same unknown party that put it there in the first place. We still have no leads or information on who either party could be.

The monolith has been sighted in many different places since the sighting in Utah. Sightings have happened in Romania, Atascadero, and California, but no one can really be sure if it is the same monolith in every sighting. Each time the monolith is mysteriously sited it also disappears.

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