Tennessee Transgender Sports Bill Heads to Gov. Bill Lee Resulting in Major Criticism.

CHATTANOOGA, TENN (mocsnews.com) A transgender bill was sent to Governor Bill Lee’s desk, which requires students to prove their sex in which they received at birth in order to play middle and high school sports. 

            This bill has faced criticism from the Democratic Party but in retrospect, has been backed by many Republican lawmakers. 

            U.S President, Joe Biden, has prohibited discrimination on gender identity in school sports. Tennessee is one of a dozen states that has supported restrictions on trans athletes for minors this year. 

            Backers of this bill believe that transgender girls are naturally stronger due to the fact that they were identified as a male at birth. Males naturally acquire more muscle which makes the not only bigger than females but also stronger and faster. This would create an unfair advantage in sports.

            Tori Pyatt, a nursing student at South College, was randomly chosen for an interview where she expressed her support for this bill. 

            “It is unethical for people who are born male and switched to female to play sports against naturally born females. They would still have the biological traits of a male; therefore, they would be more inclined to have a physical dominance over the biologically born females.”

            There has been no evidence of any transgender students that are competing or out competing others in Tennessee. 

            Individuals apart of the Democratic Party have expressed their concern on Governor Lee’s decision and the impact it may have on minors in the trans community. The opponents of this bill have brought to light of the violation of these proposals on Title IX of Federal Education Law which prohibits sex discrimination. 

            Dwight Jones, a junior at George Washington University who is a part of the LGBTQ community, believes that all genders, including transgender individuals, have rights to do what they truly want to do. 

            Jones explained in a recent phone call interview that this bill discriminates against the trans community and these individuals deserve to be treated equally and respected for who they are.

            Discussion of these bills targeting transgender athletes by lawmakers across at least 20 state legislators has resulted in what critics say, another fight against LGBTQ equality. 

            Anderson County Commission Chairman, Steve Emert, gave his viewpoint as a registered Republican in a recent phone call interview. He stated, “whatever is on someone’s birth certificate is how it should be, as far as sports are concerned.” He explained that individuals who have switched to the other sex should not be allowed in any locker room or facility with the opposite sex from what their birth certificate says, especially in the high school and middle school level. 

            This bill has drawn opposition from many researchers, advocacy groups, and also executive director Hedy Weinberg who has threatened taking Gov. Lee to court if any transgender student was to be excluded because of this new law. 

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