Heat and Bodies Rising

By Tony Scott

CHATTANOOGA (mocsnews.com)-

Due to climate change over one-third of heat deaths across the Earth is due to global warming. Someone might overlook that because of more drastic global weather that can cause deaths, like earthquakes, tornados, etc. global warming deaths are still rising with those numbers.

Studies were conducted from 1991 to 2018, with observations from 732 cities across the globe. 37% of the heat deaths that were being tracked were human-caused warming. Basically, meaning human related global warming causes.

Researchers found that would mean over 9500 people a year in those 732 cities alone were dying because of global warming. “These are deaths related to heat that actually can be prevented. It is something we directly cause.” says Ann Vicedo-Cabrera an epidemiologist at the institute of Social and Preventative Medicine at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

Vicedo-Cabrera also found that the highest percentages of heat deaths caused by climate changes were in cities in South America. Southern parts of Europe and Asia are also getting to be places just as bad.

In the United States around 35% of heat deaths are caused by climate change. In 200 different U.S cities it has been found that 1,100 different people have died because this. New York ironically had the highest number with 141 deaths.

Because of technologies advancing, things like air conditioning have helped many different places be able to adapt to this climate changes. Other cities around the globe also find their means to survive and adapt to heat as well.

“People continue to ask for proof that climate change is already affecting our health. This attribution study directly answers that question using state-of-the-science epidemiological methods,’ said Dr. Jonathan Patz.

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