COVID-19 Causing Business Chaos

COVID-19 Causing Business Chaos 

By: Mae Anderson & Tom Krisher 

Downtown businesses in the U.S. are currently wishing that things could be back to normal like they used to be. Everything has changed, especially in the restaurant world and workers are not  quite sure when it will return to “normal.”  

As the coronavirus keeps many businesses/offices closed, many restaurants are struggling because of the lack of people coming through the doors and the lunch rush is unable to happen now. 

Many business owners looked forward to the return of normalcy this month as offices began to open back up. Now, plans have changed, and many companies have postponed bringing workers back into the office due to the surge of COVID-19 cases according to an article in AP Newsroom. 

Frank, who had started Clifford Street Cleaners about eight years ago talks about how his revenue was affected immensely by COVID-19. Monthly revenue was $11,000 a month for him and is now $1,800 a month and this change happened when many downtown offices had to close. 

Across the Atlantic in London, office workers are slowly making their way back in the office since the government lifted COVID-19 restrictions on July 19. The U-K saw a substantial number of Delta cases in July, but the numbers fell back down quickly about two short weeks after. 

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