Chattanooga Mecum Car Auction

By Jake Sullivan

Chattanooga ( The Mecum auction came to Chattanooga this weekend to show off for the

Motorcar Festival. The festival is held at the Chattanooga Convention Center after the featured race of multiple cars through the downtown street of Chattanooga.

            Jordan Chafi, a guest at the auction states, “This is a huge festival for car enthusiasts. Even though I don’t plan on buying anything, it is still really cool to see all of these different cars and how much an antique can go for in today’s time.”Text Box: Figure 1.2 Car drifts around turn near Market Street Bridge

            Chafi said that he went to the last Chattanooga Motorcar festival, but this one was twice as big due to the turnout of people.

            Jim Pace, a former race car driver and Chief Operating Officer was honored in a pre-race ceremony.Text Box: Figure 3 Alexis Bogo drives antique car down Riverside Drive

            Event advisor Alexis Bogo said, “We want our second annual event to be a true motorcar festival.”

            The projected event economic impact is estimated to be somewhere along the lines of around $4.8 million.

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