North Korea Looks to Upgrade Its Nuclear Arsenal

North Korea Looks to Upgrade Its Nuclear Arsenal


NORTH KOREA ( – Kim Jung Un, the dictator of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, also known as North Korea), is under the microscope of top United Nations panel officials after the dictator was caught seeking material for nukes.

“New technologies tested included a possible hypersonic guiding warhead and a maneuverable re-entry vehicle,” the panel said.

The dictator says his country is developing new weaponry including a nuclear-powered submarine, tactical nuclear weapons, and advanced warheads. He is claiming his weapons are able to combat United States and South Korean missile defense systems.

Nuclear Warhead being paraded through Pyongyang.

Kim has a long history of flexing his nuclear capabilities when last year he fired multiple submarine missiles into the Sea of Japan.

Since then, he has continued testing and amassed more nuclear weapons as he continues flaunting them in parades disregarding COVID-19.

He was recently spotted celebrating the Lunar New Year with the rare appearance of his wife Ri Sol Ju.

Kim Jung Un with his wife Ri Sol Ju (black and red) in Pyongyang.

This further falsifies the rumors that he was suffering from a grave illness and shows he is stronger than ever and upgrading his nuclear capabilities.

Discrediting the agreement he made with former president Donald Trump, he no longer plans to halt nuclear weapons and long-range missile testing.

He was quoted last year saying that he does not feel obligated to respect the deal with the former president.

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