Monthly Archives: November 2022

Freetime as a College Student

by Chris Figgures CHATTANOOGA ( Being a college student isn’t always easy.  Sometimes you will need a break or two just to enjoy life away from school. College students all around the country take time out just to gather their thoughts and to sit back and relax or maybe even …

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Less Stress – More Yes

CHATTANOOGA ( College education has been around for a long time. There has and always will be a present enemy in student affairs, and that’s the effect of stress. Stress can take on many forms and be derived from many possible things, however, the challenging mental and physical weight of …

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Mental Health Crisis on Campus

CHATTANOOGA, TN ( – College can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming, In the study, Stress in America 2020, 90% of students claim that academics is their biggest stressor. Faculty at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has made it a top priory to understand the pressures students face.   WUTC analyses …

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