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News Channel Three - a preview of what an entrance may look like at the Hotel Chalet

The Hotel Chalet at The Choo Choo set to bring new life and entertainment to the UTC community

CHATTANOOGA ( – The $19-million investments into new facilities for The Hotel Chalet include a wide variety of amenities including world-class restaurants, multiple bars, ballrooms, meeting spaces, a fitness center, indoor/outdoor lounge spaces, an alpine pool and restored guest rooms. 

In the UTC community, the Choo Choo and its many entertainment venues and restaurants play a significant role in the entertainment aspect of campus life.

Local 3 News one of the luxurious outdoor lounge areas

Emily Pope, a PR representative for The Hotel Chalet at The Choo Choo, believes that the renovations will make the hotel even more attractive to the UTC community. 

“When renovations are complete, a revitalized Chattanooga Choo Choo district will be a place for UTC faculty and staff to visit for nightlife, entertainment, dining and shopping,” writes Pope, “The Hotel Chalet at The Choo Choo will be great option for guests visiting UTC to stay.”

Local 3 News A preview of the some of the railway car renovations

In addition to this, Students and staff, as well as other members of the community, don’t have to worry about the Terminal Building on Market Street or any of the restaurants attached to it being impacted for the time being. 

“We are not aware of any changes to those restaurants are part of the Terminal Building on Market Street is owned and managed by a different group than The Hotel Chalet at The Choo Choo,” Pope explained. 

While some students interviewed were concerned about the affordability and accessibility of the new hotel, the majority interviewed expressed excitement about the updates. 

“I think the rebrand will affect the UTC community in a wonderful way,” writes UTC Student Ashley Stovall, “With new elements being introduced, The Choo Choo will continue to be a beautiful place for gatherings.” 

UTC Student Iciss Wilkerson shares in Stovall’s excitement regarding the rebrand new facilities. 

“Even though I haven’t been there as much as I would like to, I still enjoy what the area has to offer and I’m excited for the rebranding,” writes Wilkerson

While some Chattanoogans and neighboring areas are worried that the changes will negatively impact the historical staple in the community, Pope emphasizes that The Hotel Chalet wants to protect The Choo Choo’s history just as much as it wants to enhance it. 

“We are all collectively part of The Chattanooga Choo Choo and committed to protecting and preserving The Choo Choo,” Pope writes. 

Local 3 News’ early coverage of the initial announcement of the rebrand.

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