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Alex Murdaugh is Back in Court For the First Time Since His Murder Trial

By Jordan Price

Alex Murdaugh appears in court above. Photographed by AP Newsroom James Pollard.

CHATTANOOGA, TN ( – Alex Murdaugh is getting accused of 22 financial fraud-related crimes by the state of South Carolina. Some of these charges include money laundering from the housekeeper’s estate and insurance companies out of millions of dollars.

Earlier this year in March, Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to two life sentences in prison for murdering his 22-year-old son, Paul, and his wife Maggie. During that trial, the prosecutor said Murdaugh’s reasoning for killing his wife and son was to buy time to figure a way out of his new alleged crime of financial fraud.

Murdaugh was a wealthy and locally famous lawyer whom many trusted with their problems and money.

He is now serving in a maximum-security prison with no parole for his two life sentences. He showed up Thursday with his orange jumpsuit and lawyers to fight against these allegations. There are a total of 101 charges set against Murdaugh and is expected to plead guilty. He is scheduled to reappear in court next Thursday in Charleston for a similar bevy of charges.

Pictured above is Alex Murdaugh’s family found from People Magazine.

Last week, Murdaugh requested a new jury for his convicted murder trial because he is accusing the newly elected Clerk of Court, Rebecca Hill, of telling jurors not to trust Murdaugh while he was testifying and building pressure on the jurors to make a verdict quickly. People think it is unlikely to get a new trial because of how popular, mainstream, and watched this murder trial was.

“Where are you going to get a jury? Mars?” Lawyer Dick Harpootlian told Circuit Court Judge Clifton Newman.

Pictured above is the South Carolina Court House from iStock. Photographed by Ablokhin.

AP News has been informed that there are rumors about Murdaugh getting charged with disguising transactions in his law firm that wouldn’t be detected as illegal activity because of a drug ring and money laundering scheme. He stole more than $10 million from his law firm. Many of Murdaugh’s innocent clients were used for their money, unknowingly Murdaugh used it for drugs. No one was suspicious or caught him until two years ago when he murdered over half his family.

Murdaugh stole from clients for over 16 years. He was a house name and behind closed doors he was the biggest criminal in Hampton, South Carolina. His picture-perfect red-headed family was just another hit on his list. Murdaugh will face trials over the next few years and many people will be watching as this man fights for his life over and over again in the courtroom as a highly televised trial.

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