Macy Wilbanks

Pedal Taverns, Charming or Cheugy?

By Macy Wilbanks  CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( – Have you ever had an intoxicated middle aged woman yell “woo” at you from a moving bar? Welcome to one of the four major cities in Tennessee, where our cultured nightlife is plagued by the 21st century invention of the pedal tavern.   The infamous pedal tavern is a bar on top of multiple …

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Keeping an Eye on Your Mental Health This Fall Semester

By Macy Wilbanks  CHATTANOOGA, Tenn ( It’s not news that COVID-19 has had an exponential effect on our lives in the past year and a half. Our daily routines have been discarded and reformed to mold into a new world.  The US is already starting to function again. With over 42.5% of the adult US population fully vaccinated …

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