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Tate Scott

Who is really to blame for gas prices?

By Tate Scott CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( – Gas prices are at a record high and Americans are trying to decide where to place blame: the Biden Administration, gas station owners, the oil industry, or the simple concept of supply and demand? This article will explain where this rise in price …

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Restaurant openings and closings

By Tate Scott CHATTANOOGA, TENN ( – The state of our world, amidst a pandemic and ever-changing economic system, has caused the service industry as a whole to undergo many changes. Even right in our backyard, there have been many new restaurant openings that came along with the many closings. The …

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Hospital Staffing Shortage

By Tate Scott             With a national shortage of nurses amidst a worsening pandemic, hospitals are having a harder time than ever when staffing their hospitals, causing them to get more creative during hiring. In September of 2021, The American Nurses Association called on the US Department of Health and Human …

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