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“Mocs-querade” Banner Competition Kicks Off

Homecoming Week kicks off with a traditional banner painting competition. This year’s theme is “Mocs-querade”.

Students race not only the clock, but each other. Each organization had only three hours to finish their banners, which is an hour less than last year. UTC student, Jared Ryan, compares his group’s effort to a well-oiled machine.

“…With one hour less this year, we just had to add more guys to it, but we’re working just as well, a well oiled machine…”

If the banner was not completed by 7 P.M., the team would be disqualified. Thankfully, unlike the banners, no one was left out to dry. All of the competing banners are hung outside the University Center. Each banner has its own unique touch, giving new organizations a chance to be recognized.

The participating organizations range from sororities; such as Chi Omega; to charity groups; like UTC Bigs.

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