Mocs News – Week of October 27, 2017

On this edition of Mocs News, students discuss the “take a knee” controversy, we look back at Susan G. Komen’s race for the cure, take back the night with cab, and a firsthand look at UTC and Blood Assurance’s Bloodanooga drive.

Multicultural Center Discusses “Take a Knee” Movement0:58

Susan G. Komen Hosts 18th Annual Race for the Cure Event2:06

UTC Outdoors Hosting Halloween Bash3:06

Greek Life Information Becoming Harder to Find – 3:19

5th Annual Take Back the Night Gathering Commences4:01

UTC Hosts Drug Take-Back5:19

UTC Hosts Two Documentaries On International Civil Rights5:42

HOLA Hosts Latin Dance Exhibition6:31

Weather – Weekend of October 27, 20177:29

Fort Wood Cannons Relocated For Repainting8:01

Bloodanooga Draws Blood for Fall 2017 Semester8:34

Mocs Football Receive Second Consecutive Loss Against The Citadel9:49

UTK Suspends Two Football Players10:37

Houston Astros Win Second Game in 2017 World Series10:55

Mocs Soccer Wins Against Wofford on Senior Day, 1-011:33

Choose What Scrappy Should Wear for Halloween? – 12:12

Chatta-do-ga – Week of October 27, 2017 – 13:31

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