Stalking In UTC Skyrockets; Definition of Stalking Unclear

UTC provides an abundance of information about stalking, but the definition remains in the shadows.

Chuck Cantrell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing, says that if the action of the suspect puts someone in fear or makes them feel threatened, that is seen as a potential case of stalking. This includes continued contact after someone asks to end all communication.

In 2015, UTC reported four cases of stalking. Then last year, the number skyrocketed to 28. Cantrell says the increase is the result in the change in definition of stalking.

“… and so I think that is a factor of two different issues. I think that the definition of stalking was changed a little bit, and so it made a much broader category for crime reporting, but also UTC has been making a very concerted effort to get students and faculty and staff to report crimes…”

UTC recommends reporting to city police, or a Title IX coordinator, as well as documenting anything that might seem trivial.

If you would like more information, visit the UTC Police Department page, and further your knowledge of stalking.

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