UTC Professor Reports Stalker

From University Communications

UTC Police are investigating a report of harassment and stalking of a University employee by a vendor whose business proposal was declined.

A UTC SimCenter professor reported to UTC Police today that unwanted contact at 5 p.m. on Monday (Oct. 7) is the latest since Sept. 20 in a series of ongoing, unwanted, repeated attempts at contact by calls to the victim’s office and mobile phone, text messages and emails. 

The victim reports being concerned for his safety and that, on multiple occasions, he has directed the accused to stop contact and attempted to block numbers from which unwanted phone calls have been received.

UTC Police are familiar with both the victim and the accused. If you have information about this incident, call campus police at 423-425-4357 or report confidentially using the Confidential Crime Reporting Form (also known as Silent Witness form) online at https://www.utc.edu/police/forms/silent-witness.php

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