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October 6, 2019

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Among the tasteful and unique restaurants there are in Chattanooga, newly opened restaurant Pizza Bros is sure to catch your eye and your stomach. This quaint yet memorable restaurant is located on North Shore and officially opened around Halloween of 2018. 

Pizza Bros is locally owned by twin brothers Jack and Cal Todd who have created the atmosphere exactly the way they wanted it. 

They came up with the plans together. Jack deals with the business and finance side of the organization, and Cal created the menu and makes all of the pizzas by hand. 

As stated by pizza creator Cal, the menu came from his creative ideas alone and he put his authentic twist on each of the items.

 He says he wanted to do a collection of pizzas that he had made in the past at other restaurants, but he was able to have the freedom to express his creativity and fill the menu with food he loves.

What makes this exquisite and authentic pizzeria really stand out from the others is their newly introduced vegan and dairy-free options that are aimed to satisfy every kind of customer. 

This option allows Pizza Bros to stand out from the rest of the pizza places here in Chattanooga, because having a more diverse menu allows them to reach a wider range of customers who enjoy pizza but cannot typically find a restaurant that meets their needs. 

According to Bar Manager Marisa Kolwalski, the restaurant is getting fired up about partnering with other small local businesses to offer more options for their customers. 

“We also are bringing in some really cool vegan options, we’ve recently partnered with a local Satanist which I still feel very strange saying, but they are lovely people. They have many meat alternatives that we’re really excited about. We’ve been using a vegan cheese as well, it’s called Daiya cheese and it melts like regular mozzarella. Vegans love it.”

With their diverse menu and one of a kind ambiance, Pizza Bros is truly a new pizza icon in the city of Chattanooga.

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