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US joins global push to ban animal- tested cosmetics

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Many U.S. states are wanting to ban cosmetic testing on animals. Supporters argue that testing lotions, shampoos and makeup on small rodents such as mice and rabbits is cruel. 

A growing number of states and corporations, including the maker of Dove and Degree, continue to support the ban of testing cosmetics on animals. California, Nevada and Illinois are seeing laws take place in 2020 to ban animal-tested cosmetics.   

China on the other hand, is not happy about prohibiting animal testing because cosmetics sold in bulk are required to undergo testing on animals. China’s policy is for all products that might be imported, such as makeup, hair care products, makeup, etc. 

The ban in all three states demands that any cosmetic sellers are not able to test their products on animals. 

Companies around the world are starting to ban animal testing after the European Union passed a law to ban the sale of animal- tested products. 

 “Science has advanced, allowing companies in most cases to use non-animal alternatives — such as human cell cultures or lab-grown human skin and eye tissue — to test whether a product or ingredient is safe,” said supporters. 

Advocates are pushing for China to ban animal testing. “They’re having conferences. They really seem to be quite motivated to do as best as they can to accept and validate certain methods,” said Francine Lamoriello, executive vice president for global strategies at the Personal Care Products Council.

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