China Hospitals Built at Rapid Rate

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Aubrie Johnson on February 2, 2020

CHATTANOOGA (AP)- China hospital rapidly completed treating newly discovered coronavirus. The virus has caused more than 17,000 infections in China and abroad, as well as claiming 362 lives as of Monday. 

The two hospitals are located in Wuhan. Construction began on January 24th with the expected opening date of February 3rd. The first hospital holds 1,000 beds for treatment. There is a second hospital with around 1,500 beds with a slightly later opening date.

China’s recent totals of 361 deaths and growing 2,829 cases over the last 24 hours has caused an incline in other countries to continue evacuating hundreds of citizens from Hubei and sparked restrictions on travel to China. Travel restriction has affected people who are wishing to leave the country. The World Health Organization has said the number of confirmed cases will continue to grow because of the thousands of specimens form various cases that have not been tested.

More restrictions were put in place to further protect the city. The city is only allowing one family member to leave the house every other day.

The Philippines has since banned the entry of non-citizens from China after two cases were confirmed, as well as the only death outside of China. The Philippine Health Department reported a man, aged 44 from Wuhan, died from the virus while his acquaintance remained hospitalized. Many other countries have imposed similar restrictions, despite criticism from China. The United States has recorded its ninth case of the coronavirus. About 150 cases have been reported in 24 other countries.

With no found cure, authorities in Hubei have extended the Lunar New Year holiday vacation in an attempt to keep people at home and reduce the spread of the deadly virus. Hubei schools continue to postpone the start of the new semester until further notice.

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