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Floating: a different, (maybe new to you) way of relaxation

How do you stop the world in a way that will relax your brain to a 10% processing level? This can only be achieved without all sensory input: no lights, no dogs barking, no car horns, and no music. Ninety minutes of nothingness.

For Charles Tapley, the thought of a deprivation tank scared him but not for the reasons most people would think. 

In this room where the tank resides is a shower, a couple towels, some floats and ear plugs. Before getting in, you shower your day off. With no clothes, you step into the tank that is the same temperature as your body. Up you pop like a cork and begin to float. 

Getting into the meditative state was Charles Tapley’s biggest worry going into the tank. “What if I can’t get there?” he wondered. As he felt his body to begin to drift off so did the tension, the stress, and the anxiety of his daily life.  

In 2018, Angela Mcallister took over ownership of Lucidity in Chattanooga on Cowart St. Prior to buying it, she had floated numerous of times and that’s how she ended up with the purchase. “I offered to buy the center and then all of a sudden I was a business owner” she says.

“It’s an opportunity to get away from all the chaos and craziness of your everyday life, and just take a moment to breathe and fully relax. Floating pulls me out of fight or flight mode and gives me some wonderful perspective on life. I feel rested, calm, and focused.”

The concept of floating was invented in the 1950’s by a neuro-scientist named Dr.John Lily. His initial design of a deprivation tank evolved over time, and the first commercial float tank came about in 1972. The basic design itself hasn’t changed.

There’s a pod like tub filled with 10 inches of body temperature very salty water that allows everyone to effortlessly float.

You’re not sleeping yet, but you’re also not awake. You float for over an hour even though it feels like only a couple of minutes. It’s so easy to lose track of time when you feel like you’re floating in abyss. 

With so many health advantages there is no question to why this has become such a trending topic. Considering the fact that Americans are spending billions every year to treat things such as anxiety and depression, this new research helps shift focus to more natural and effective solutions that doesn’t require a prescription or a visit to the doctor.

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