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Snow Storm in Texas Leaves Millions Without Power

Frigid winter weather moves across the U.S. Monday leaving more than 2 million people without power in Texas. Grocery stores and air travel are shut down, while icy and snowy roads send cars skidding. The New York Post said that every county in the state is under a state of emergency. 

This unusual weather for Texas sends southern cities like San Antonio into single-digits. Homes that had already been without power, were left questioning for hours about when heat or lights would come on. The state’s power grid hurled into rotating blackouts that are usually only seen in 100-degree weather.

The extreme conditions caused delivery delays for the new COVID-19 vaccine shipments. Health officials race to find takers for the 8,000 doses of Moderna vaccine because of the power outages across Huston. 

The latest updates from The National Weather Service say there is a total of 14.9 heavy inches of snow. Tornado warnings, wind chill advisories and special weather statements cover the majority of Texas. The Weather Channel said that the snow storm is turning deadly as many are hospitalized from car accidents. 

According to ABC News, every part of Texas will face freezing temperatures and record breaking snowfall. 

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